Our Most Versatile Stock Displays Solution


Built with multi-direction customizable technology, the Smart Adjustable is the retail shelf divider that adjusts to fit nearly any product or shelf, making it perfect for canned goods, glass bottled beverages, and more!

The customizable width of the Smart Adjustable conforms to any package, minimizing loss of shelf facing and provides ease of installation. The adjustable length provides a perfect fit on all shelf sizes and helps you manage inventory with ease.

How it Works

Choose Between the following solutions for your retail shelf dividers:

  • The patented manual Smart Adjustable pull system
  • The Smart Adjustable gravity feed with an added riser

No matter your choice, the Smart Adjustable reduces labor costs up to 70% facilitating easy stock ordering, blocking, and stocking using the same patented technology as the original Smart System.


The SMART ADJUSTABLE™ comes in two size lengths (14" to 18" and 18" to 24") depending on your shelf size .

The SMART ADJUSTABLE™ widths can be customized for particular categories. e.g. pet food, beverage, cans, jello, tea, tuna fish, beer, etc

Still don't see what you're looking for? We can custom create SMART solutions for your special needs.

Inquire today about any discounts available for custom sizes and quantity orders.

Infinite Possibilities