The Soft-Packaging Solution


Among the most difficult products for shelf facing are yogurts, jello, and hotdogs. Why are these products so difficult to stock? Their soft packaging makes them easy to crack or break under the pressure of a spring-loaded shelf and there are often multiple SKUs of the same product.

Finally, there’s a shelf merchandising solution for products with soft packaging. The SMART Sleeve is the retail shelf divider that allows for quick facing, stocking, rotation, and repositioning of small, soft-shelled products on your shelves.

Sturdy and lightweight, the SMART Sleeve is available in various depths, widths, and heights to fit any product or shelf size. Choose the size that works for you and begin optimizing your stock displays instantly.

The SMART SLEEVE™ Advantages

  • Great for soft-packaged items like hotdogs, bacon, yogurts, creamers, and smoothies
  • Simplifies product repositioning with capability of removing an entire row at once
  • Comes in multiple sizes to provide a solution for all your shelf facing needs

Still don't see what you're looking for? We can custom create SMART solutions for your special needs.

Inquire today about any discounts available for custom sizes and quantity orders.

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