Our Original Shelf Merchandising Solution

About SMART SYSTEM® Original

At the heart of the SMART System collection of retail shelf dividers is the Smart System Original: the patented back-stop and puller assembly system that revolutionizes shelf facing and stocking.

As merchandise sells down, stores have two options: either spend hours of labor and manpower edging and facing shelves, or watch sales plummet due to poor shelf merchandising.

The Smart System is the Easy Stock Solution

Restock and reset your retail shelf dividers by pulling the remainder of the stock forward on the puller. Once repositioned, snap the puller back in place to leave shelves fully blocked and properly faced.

The SMART SYSTEM® Difference

  • Installs directly onto existing shelves
  • Increases sales through proper shelf facing and blocking
  • Reduces store labor hours spent organizing stock displays
  • Facilitates stock rotation to reduce merchandise losses
  • Compatible with any package size and type
  • Easy, tool-free installation

The Smart System is the retail shelf divider that props up food packages that would otherwise lay flat. The back-stop and puller serve as inventory control devices, making stock displays look full even when only stocked with a few items.

Simple Installation (and Resets)


Choose between double-sided tape or fasteners to affix the Smart System lock-on strip directly onto existing shelves.


Properly space and place your backstops and pullers onto the shelf to fit your products, fastening them to the lock-on strip.


Place your retail shelf dividers to properly fit your product size and snap into the lock-on strip.


Load your new customized Smart System with products for a perfectly blocked and faced shelf!

Still don't see what you're looking for? We can custom create SMART solutions for your special needs.

Inquire today about any discounts available for custom sizes and quantity orders.

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