Here's What Our Customers Say
About The SMART SYSTEM®...


"The SMART SYSTEM™ has provided for Wegmans Dairy Department a reduction in labor and provides a neat and clean merchandising presentation.  I am pleased with the overall look and with the control of inventory."

Carol Collins
Dairy Merchandiser, Wegmans

"The SMART SYSTEM™ is the only consistent allocation method that I know of.  It allows new-hire employees and veterans alike to rotate, stock and condition shelf stock effortlessly without the hassle of retraining.  The system is simple and self-explanatory to use.  With the job market such as it is, we need to use every means possible to ensure positive results with our customers and employees.  The SMART SYSTEM™, in a word, is the smart way to go."

Norm Shook
Grocery Manager, Giant Eagle Markets

"The look and enhanced presentation alone would be reason enough for me to buy the SMART SYSTEM™, but it also reduces labor, enhances inventory control, reduces out of code product, increases air flow, eliminates case blockers, is customer friendly and gives us a grand opening look in minutes.

Carl Zetterquist
Meat & Seafood Specialist, Giant Eagle

"... The SMART SYSTEM™ enhances presentation, aids in overall merchandising, increases sales, reduces labor costs, keeps inventory under control, and minimizes time spent rotating product.  the improved presentation makes the installed areas easier to shop for the customer."

Roland Alberti
Meat & Seafood Specialist, SUPERVALU

"The SMART SYSTEM™ presents the case as a fully merchandised case, even if there are only a few packages in a row.  It also saves labor costs (can block case in 5 minutes), expedites order writing, facilitates taking of inventory, and helps to control amount of on- hand inventory."

Leon Daniels
Meat & Seafood Specialist, Giant Eagle

"The greatest value of the SMART SYSTEM™ in the meat department is its organization and maintenance of all sku's without losing variety.  The second big advantage is its ability to lend a uniform and neat appearance even when the product is not blocked.  If managed correctly it also helps lower inventory and reduces out of stocks."

Leonard Oddo
Service Meat Specialist, Giant Eagle